Empowering Innovation Through Technology

We build premium software for our partners aiming to change lives. Our mission is to build technology that people would use, enjoy, and cherish.

About Us

We can help you develop SaaS solutions, Cloud-Based VoIP Call Center Solutions, Machine Learning Applications, Conversational UI and Artificial Intelligence

Technology is the future, and we are here to play our part. We challenge ourself to explore new technology every day.

We help businesses of all kinds to grow and reach their goals through the adoption of bold and cutting edge technologies and ideas.

Our knowledge and skills in the technology arena are constantly growing, so you can be sure you’re always receiving the latest and most effective technological solutions to help your business cultivate and thrive.

What We Do

Currently, we develop solutions in the below fields:


Software Development

Whether it's legacy ERP system modifications or cutting edge asynchronous code running on a serverless architecture, we have the skills to assist.

Creating amazing web applications and designing scalable infrastructure - we help organizations of all sizes with their IT and software development needs.

Get A Blending Technology Solutions For High-Performance Delivery In Today's world.


Serverless architecture style projects

“Focus on your application, not the infrastructure”

If you are developing a new application or migrating your traditional application to the serverless style architecture then we help you make the right decisions with technology. We know that innovation can transform our customers’ businesses, but navigating technology change is not always smooth sailing. We help you prepare the blueprint architecture for cloud, migrate or implement applications on cloud and optimize the cloud environment for performance.


AWS Consultancy And Advice

We utilize Amazon Web Services extensively for our own products and services, if you require advice or assistance with cloud migration or just need someone to talk to, then there likely isn't anything we haven't already done or tried.

Whether you’re looking to the cloud for innovation, agility, cost savings, operational efficiency, cloud migration, or advice or assistance with the cloud, we know you want to do it right. We’ve been there, done that. If you want a successful journey to the cloud, we’ll show you how. We’re here to help!

- Serverless Architechture
- Cognito / API Gateway / Lambda
- S3 / Cloudfront
- DynamoDB / RDS
- Many more...


Cyber Security

We can help you put technologies, processes, and practices in place, designed to protect networks, devices, programs, and data from attack, damage, or unauthorized access.

We can help you setup a continuous monitoring and real-time assessments, a data-focused approach to security as opposed to the traditional perimeter-based model.

Some of our expertise in this field are:

- Network security
- Application security
- Endpoint security
- Data security
- Identity management
- Database and infrastructure security
- Cloud security
- Mobile security
- Disaster recovery/business continuity planning


Machine Learning and Deep Learning

We have the expertise required to use massive sets of data and apply algorithms to train on and make predictions. Using packages like scikit-learn, Theano, Spark MLlib, Tensorflow, IBM watson, Amazon ML Services, etc we can help you get the best insights from your data.



We don’t use cookie-cutter methods. We understand that your business is unique and that means you deserve innovative and original solutions to go with it. Through in-depth meetings, we assist your business with integration processes, and where needed, create new technologies, which will faultlessly integrate into your environments.


How We Can Help You

At Bharat Tech Labs, we are passionate about providing seamless solutions to optimize business processes and procedures. We have been offering solutions to business of all sizes.
If you want to see how we can assist your business, then contact us.